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Dr Andrew J. Banos is an orthopedic surgeon with 8 years of experience in Newburyport, MA.

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Dr Andrew Banos is been appreciated for his ability to answer hip, knee shoulder ailment questions. His patients show the satisfaction about his clarity of instructions for care and treatment. Dr Andrew Banos is well received among his patients for his amount of time spent with patients during patient diagnosis & consultation.

Dr Andrew Banos empathises and explains the condition to the patient in order to instill the confidence in patient. He has a friendly and co-operative staff with him associated for many years now. Dr Banos makes sure to keep his office environment pleasant.

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The overall average patient rating of Dr. Andrew J Banos is excellent.

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Mark Letellier writes-

Dr. Banos is incredible! I had an "impressively" large calcium deposit in my shoulder due to a slight rotator cuff tear. Dr. Banos was able to get me into surgery within a couple of days to get it repaired right away. His entire team was magnificent! From prep, to surgery and most memorably, recovery, everyone was caring, accommodating and friendly. Although pain medication was subscribed, it miraculously wasn't needed! Still in a sling and unable to move my arm freely after two weeks but still absolutely no pain what-so-ever. He explained the entire procedure he performed during my two week follow up and showed detailed pictures of the repair inside my shoulder. Very educational! Thank you very much, Dr. Banos! You've increased my quality of life drastically!